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A Dahlesque Assembly

Form 5’s recent assembly was based on how Roald Dahl got inspiration from events and people in his life. In English the children read some extracts from Roald Dahl’s autobiography ‘Boy’ and they did some work on ‘The Great Mouse Plot’. The children enjoyed putting together a little play based on this chapter with Roald Dahl played by Monty and his friend Thwaites played by Isaac. Ellie was a fantastically grumpy Mrs Pratchett!

The children also performed a poem about what happened to Verruca Salt (played by Phoebe) as she went down the rubbish chute. They also sang a song from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Well done to Form 5 for a very entertaining assembly!

Pictures from Form 5’s assembly can be seen by going to the Gallery.

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