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Globe Theatre Trip

On the 29th November 2016, Form 5 visited the Globe Theatre. We travelled by train to London Bridge. When we got to the Globe Theatre, they gave us a tour of the theatre. We got a chance to go on stage and say a line from the play ‘The Tempest’. The line was: “Thou poisonous slave, come forth!”

After that, we had a drama workshop. We had to pretend that we were on a ship , the ship had sunk and we were abandoned on an island while Ariel was playing tricks on us.

After lunch we went to the gift shop and after that we visited the Globe exhibition where we had to find answers for a quiz. It was a great experience!

By Nayana

To see photos from Year 5’s Trip, please go to the Gallery.

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  1. Anonymous

    I had the pleasure of joining Year 5 on their trip to visit The Globe Theatre in London, which was thoroughly enjoyable. The children learnt so much and it always helps when you have a host that has the children completely engaged in the subject matter, and so keen to act out certain parts from ‘The Tempest’. I look forward to accompanying them on future school trips.

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