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Love Languages Competition

On the 8th February 2017, a selection of children in Forms 5 & 6 were invited to represent the school for the first time in the ‘Love Languages’ competition at the City of London Freemen’s school in Ashtead.  There was a ‘Years 5&6’ category which had 10 other schools taking part.  Each performance was either a song, play or combination of both with a theme of ‘Family’.  We performed a play about a family day out at the zoo in French.  Other schools performed in Spanish, German, French and even sign language!  We really enjoyed the experience of watching all of the other schools perform.

Although we didn’t come first, there were three Special Mention awards given out to schools and we were fortunate enough to get one of these for doing so well on our first time in the competition and for having such an exciting story.  Everyone was extremely happy and hopefully the school will continue to attend this competition in the future.

Report by Tori (Form 6)

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