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Sensational Science

When we arrived at Croydon High, we watched a science video about plants, then we went to the Chemistry lab. In the Chemistry lab, we had to hover the test tube over a Bunsen burner to see if it would turn into a liquid or solid.  We also did experiments; the first one was burning a jelly baby. It gave a tiny bang and a pink flame came out. The next experiment was a fire balloon where we lit a match and we held it against a balloon. The balloon burst with fire! The last experiment was adding white powder to toothpaste – the toothpaste foamed everywhere!

We also did coding and binary activities. The coding was tough but we eventually solved it and we enjoyed it tremendously. We didn’t want to leave – we had such a fun time!

Report by Sotiris & Dhruva, Form 5

Photos from the visit can be viewed in the Gallery.

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