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Latest News Item

Young Voices Concert

Form 5 sang at the O2 arena on Thursday 19th January as part of the Young Voices concert.

Mrs Flanagan said that as a class Form 5 had a very positive attitude, right from learning the songs at the start to performing them on the day, and the pupils clearly loved every minute of it. These quotes from the children show just how much they gained from the experience:

  • It was good to be alive right about then (Ibrahim)
  • There were such a lot of things going on that I could write a book about them all! (Jamie)
  • I thought it was phenomenal and I wish we could go again (Nia)
  • It was a once in a lifetime experience and I wish I could go again (Monty)
  • It was a wonderful experience and I was so sad to leave (Anaika)
  • It taught us to be ‘Stronger together’! (Mark)
  • I never wanted to get older; I just wanted to stay right where I was on Thursday (Hannah D)
  • The beat-boxing left me with a huge smile on my face (Sotiris)

Nayana and Alyssa from Form 5 have both written up a report on the Young Voices concert; photos from the concert can be viewed in the Gallery and a short video of the children singing can be seen by clicking here.

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