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Class Work Autumn Term

The pupils at St David’s have been busy this term:

Our Early Years classes (Nursery & Reception) visited Purley Library. For many, this was their first “St David’s outing”. The “long” walk to the library was very enjoyable due to the beautiful weather and the children had a lovely time learning more about books and the importance of reading.

Our Form 2 class have created a bucket list to show what skills they would like to improve and what they would like to achieve whilst they are in Form 2. They have also been learning about hexagons in Maths and have arranged their hexagon cut-out shapes into a pattern or a flower shape.

Form 3 have been learning about themselves in PSHE and how everyone can “fit together” regardless of their different interests and goals. They have also been thinking about what their goals for Form 3 should be.

Meanwhile, Form 4 have been creating circuits to power batteries, fans and lights and have been learning about conductors and insulators and the power of electricity.

Please click on the gallery link to see examples of their work here.


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