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Form 5’s Trip to Tilgate Park by Raul

On the 21st June Form 5 went to Tilgate Park. First we met a Barn Owl called Ollie – she decided to perch on James’ head! There was also a tortoise who we met called Augustus Gloop. We then fed the meerkats – this was the best part of the day. We put some treats in a box e.g. biscuits, worms and some apples, padded out with newspaper, then we took the treat box to the meerkats and dropped it into their enclosure. In an instant, all of the meerkats scrambled for the food – it was so funny as they tore the newspaper to get to their treats!

At lunchtime we visited the maze. After lunch, Miss Varndell set us a quiz which we had to go around the nature centre to find the answers. We all had a great day.

Report by Raul

Photos from the Form 5’s trip can be viewed in the Gallery.

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