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The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall strategic management and development of the school. The members of the Board work collectively as a group and are accountable to the wider community for the delivery of the best possible educational, pastoral and support service. They are responsible for ensuring that the overall structure is fit for purpose and consistent with the school’s charitable objectives. The conduct of affairs is delegated to the Head and members of the Senior Management Team and the Board of Governors monitor performance in the light of an agreed framework.

The Board are selected from a wide range of commercial and professional backgrounds with the aim to achieve a balanced and effective team with all key areas of responsibility covered. Members of the Governing body provide their services free of charge and the current membership is as listed in the margin.


Mr D Brown
Mrs M Grant
Mrs C Hitchcock
Mr C Hutchinson
Mr D King
Mrs A Stranack
Mrs J Strudwick
Mrs S Thompson (Chair)
Mrs S Witts

“The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent”
The Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2018