Destination of Leavers


Name of SchoolPlaces OfferedNumber of Pupils Accepted a PlaceNumber of Pupils Offered a Place (but accepted elsewhere)Scholarships OfferedType of Scholarship
Caterham53222 = Academic
Croydon High School4-461 = Art
1 = Head's Award
Nonsuch High School11---
Old Palace41352 = Academic
2 = Head's Award
1 = Music
Reigate Grammar31231 = Academic
1 = Art
1 = Drama
Riddlesdown Collegiate33---
Royal Russell9-954 = Academic
1 = Music
Sutton High School1-111 = Art
Sutton Grammar11---
Trinity82683 = Academic
1 = Art
1 = Drama
1 = Music
1 = Sports
Wallington High School431--
Wallington County Grammar22---
Whitgift82632 = Academic
1 = Drama


At the end of Form 6 pupils leave St David’s to go to senior school. We send our pupils to a wide range of schools including local state and grammar schools as well as the leading independent schools in the area. One of our most important tasks is to offer guidance as to which school we feel will best suit your child’s needs when he/she leaves St David’s – our strong relationships with the local senior schools are the starting point, and personal meetings with the Head Teacher as well as our annual senior school information evening help make the task easier and less stressful.

We are often asked to which schools most of our leavers transfer. Listed opposite are offers of places received for our 2017 leavers. 

To see previous year’s destinations, please click here.