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At St David’s we believe children should have a thorough education in a specific modern foreign language from a young age. A specialist French teacher delivers lessons to all pupils in Form 1 to Form 6.

From Reception, children develop their French speaking skills where lessons incorporate songs, games and rhymes to make their learning fun and as interactive as possible. As pupils move through the infant classes, language-learning skills are developed and the children embrace role plays and competitive games. Pupils also explore the culture of France.

There are opportunities for the children to perform their first plays to parents – most recently pupils have performed Le Navet Énorme and Bon Appetit Monsieur Lapin.

Junior pupils move on to two lessons per week including written French and simple grammar; lessons often feature videos, puzzles, raps, workshops and performances by French Theatre Groups. In Form 6, a trip to Boulogne allows our pupils the chance to use their French.

St David’s annual ‘French Day’ is an exciting celebration of French language learning with quizzes, tastings, cookery and “Build the Eiffel Tower” workshops.