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ICT at St David’s is constantly evolving and developing, in line with our modern world. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, we have tablets that can be used by pupils in the classroom as well as a separate ICT suite for ICT lessons, where pupils can experience a range of software and applications to develop their skills.

From Reception, pupils are taught to develop mouse-skills and are introduced to some basic functions. A variety of programs are used to ensure there is a progression of skills through each group.

Programming has now become a significant part of the curriculum, and here at St David’s we encourage children as young as Form 2 to explore how computer games work by some basic on-screen programming using programs such as ‘Scratch’ and ‘Kodu’.

Our lower junior pupils are taught to identify and correct bugs in programs and they explore computer networks. They are also taught to develop simple educational games and explore how to write and edit HTML. Our upper junior pupils start to explore databases and spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel as well as experiencing cracking codes and creating web pages. Our older pupils are also taught how to hyperlink and create apps.