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Form 2’s London Trip

On Monday 18th November, Form 2 went on a school trip to The Tower of London and The Monument. The purpose of the trip was to help further develop the children’s knowledge of the events of the Great Fire of London, which they are currently studying in their History lessons.

The children met a costumed presenter at The Tower of London, who described the terrible events of the Great Fire and told the story of Samuel Pepys watching the flames from inside the ancient Tower walls. The session used role play to bring the story of the Great Fire of London to life. This session enabled the children to learn key features of the Great Fire of London through questioning and participation; comparing and contrasting life today with life in the 1600s; and discovering more about Samuel Pepys and his written record of events.

The children then had some time to explore The Tower of London, visit the Crown Jewels and watch the guards marching before climbing the Salt Tower for lunch.

After lunch they continued their adventures at The Monument. The children learned how The Monument was built to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the city. They waked around the base to see the sculptures and inscriptions, before climbing the 311 steps to the top. There was a fabulous view of the city from the top and the children were able to identify many of the famous landmarks, some of which had been rebuilt after the Great Fire. They ended the day with a group photograph in Pudding Lane, where the fire broke out way back in 1666.

Photos from their day can be viewed in the Gallery.