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Autumn Term 2 Artwork

It’s been a busy and productive half-term in the art department. Various year groups have focused on the theme of remembrance and produced some beautiful poppy artwork. The children in Form 4 used the work of Georgia O’Keeffe as their inspiration for their large and bold collage poppies which they made using red paper, net, pipe cleaners, ribbon and sequins. Forms 1 and 5 collaborated to make a poppy display in the upper corridor. Form 1 made the background using string  and glue sticks dipped in green paint, which they dragged across the paper to make blades of grass, while Form 5 made poppies using felt and collage materials. Form 5 also looked at the First World War poem In Flanders Field by John McCrae and used this to think up some powerful words to describe the horrors of war, which they wrote on the poppy leaves.

Meanwhile, the children in Form 3 have been sewing with felt to make a kite. They designed the front, and learnt to sew a running stitch and cross stitch.  They then added a ribbon tail, and attached the back to the front by sewing an over stitch. Then they stuffed their kites with wadding and made a loop at the top. The children worked very patiently and enjoyed their first experience of sewing. Form 3 have also been looking at the work of Leonid Afremov in order to create their own impressionist artwork using acrylics and, to link in with their trip to the Polka Theatre, the class have made a beautiful Snow Queen collage to display alongside their wonderful descriptions of her palace.

Other classes have also been busy. Form 4 have been creating movie trailers using iMovie and have constructed Roman helmets for their Christmas show, whilst Form 5 have been inspired by the work of David Gentleman to produce landmark pictures using pen and inks. Finally, Form 6 have been responding to text to create Alice in Wonderland illustrations, as well as learning about Surrealist artists such as Magritte.

Examples of this term’s artwork can be viewed in the Gallery.

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