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Bay Pond Trip

Form 2 had a very enjoyable and informative trip to Bay Pond on Monday 1st April.

The children started the day with a fun game, catching ‘caterpillars’ (small pieces of wool in various colours) to feed to a ‘baby bird’ (a wooden cut-out). This was followed by a game of ‘Bat bat bat, moth, moth moth’. One child was a ‘bat’ and wore a blindfold, they had to catch the ‘moth’ by calling ‘bat, bat, bat’ and listening to the ‘moth’ respond ‘moth, moth, moth’. Next, the children went on a Minibeast hunt and sorted the creatures they found into groups according to how many legs they had and then examined the invertebrates under the microscope. This session ended with the ‘Minibeasts Olympics’ where the children predicted which invertebrate would make it out of the arena first! The children then got a taster of what it must be like to see through the eyes of a Minibeast. They completed a sensory trail whilst being blindfolded, to gain an insight as to what it must be like for a woodlouse under logs and looked through bug eyes, to see like a fly and into a mirror to see like a slug.

After lunch the children went pond dipping and managed to catch many creatures which they tried to identify on a classification key. This was followed by a classroom session run by a member of the Surrey Wildlife Trust. The children were able to see the creatures through a microscope on the whiteboard and learn interesting facts about each of the creatures they had caught.

Photos from their fun day can be viewed in the Gallery.