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Bringing the Parthenon to Life

On Friday 29th November, Form 3 visited the British Museum to link in with their History work this term on Ancient Greece. Each child was given access to a tablet which allowed them to use augmented reality technology to explore the Parthenon Gallery. The students had a brilliant time exploring and learning about Ancient Greek religion and the Parthenon’s architecture.

The tablets were extremely well received and many other schools were intersted in what we were doing! It made the whole experience extremely interactive and hands-on and the children were very enthused and motivated to complete the puzzles, mazes and “battles” at the end of the learning session. Ariadne said, “I really enjoyed the tablets as you got to see what the carvings on the wall meant” and Harrison said, “The tablets were really good fun, and they helped me to understand the story behind the Gods more”.

To see pictures from this fantastic trip, please visit the Gallery.