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Computer Enrichment Day

On Thursday 28th March 2019, Florence, Adam and I went to Royal Russell for a computing enrichment day.

First, we wend to BBC Microbit Coding.  I made a flashing heart, a dice and my name.  you do this by using a Microbit.  There was a tablet with instructions for you to follow.  At the end when the light stops flashing you can see what you have done.

Secondly, we went to Bloxel.  For this you have different coloured blocks which you put into a board and then scan what you have made.  Then on the tablet your will see the game you made then you can play it.

Thirdly, we went to Lightbot.  You have to write programs to guide this little man onto the blue tiles and when he is on them he has to be programmed to light them up.

Fourthly, we went to Makey Makey.  Here we used fruit to make a song.  Florence helped us get the right notes for Hot Cross Buns.

Finally, we went to making GIFs using Piskel.  Here you make a character on the computer by using piskel software.  I made a smiley face, Florence made an onion and Adam made a stick man

At the end of the day we did a debugging Scratch challenge.  Out of 10 schools we came third.

By Megan (Form 4)