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Croydon High Netball Report

On the 27 September 2017 the Under 11 Netball team, which included the following players; Hannah H, Hannah D, Rebecca, Meera, Nayana, Isabelle, Iqra, Zara, Emily, Amaya and myself, went to Croydon High school to play a Netball tournament. The girls were really excited and definitely ready to play.

Our first match was against Croydon High D team. Unfortunately Amaya fell over right at the start but she was so brave that she got up and said that she still wanted to play which was very good of her. We won 1-0 and we intercepted some good passes and manged to score a goal. Our second match was against Sydenham High and we won 4-1, again intercepting loads of great passes from the other team and scoring great goals. Our final match was against Croydon High E team and we won with an outstanding 5-0, scored really good goals and intercepted some great passes and defended our goal too. I would like to say that Rebecca was a great goalie and, of course, all the other girls were great too. We came first overall within our set.

I think the girls played excellently, especially for our first match of the season. I would also like to say a very big thank you to our special coach Mrs P for training us really well. We wouldn’t be able to do this without her, and she always supports us no matter what. Also I am very proud to be this year’s Netball captain because I know that we will do really well and we will never stop believing. Hopefully we will continue this progress and win all our matches throughout the year.

By Alyssa

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