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CSI Easter Report by Yihu

On Friday March 22nd I walked into school, feeling excited. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours. I SIMPLY COULDN’T WAIT!!

Finally, the moment arrived. We were off to CSI Easter at Christchurch. The first 11 of the register (I’m No.9) got to go first, so we drove there in the minibus and waited for the second group to arrive.

We were split up into 4 groups – The Reds, The Greens, The Blues and finally The Yellows – the team I was in. We were detectives and our mission was to find out who stole Jesus’s body.

We did the codebreaker first where we cracked codes which gave us some clues. We then investigated the crime scene, where we searched for evidence. In the lab we tested the chemicals to see if the blood came from an alive or dead body. Finally, we studied fingerprints with magnifying glasses to match them with fingerprints found in the tomb and we printed out our own fingerprints.

After all that investigating we found out that Jesus was crucified on the cross, he died, his body was placed in a tomb which was guarded by Roman soldiers, and then on Easter Sunday he came alive again.

I enjoyed every part of it.

By Yihu (Form 4)

Photos from the trip can be viewed in the Gallery