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Da Vinci Day

Inspired by International Art Day and Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday earlier in the week, the children from Forms 1 to 6 were challenged to build a catapult or a glider on Friday 27th April. They looked at Da Vinci’s designs and learned about the design process. The children had the whole morning to build their contraptions, test them, and improve on their designs, using limited materials – paper cups, lollipop sticks, rubber bands, card, straws and tape. Meanwhile, Reception and Nursery drew their own Da Vinci-inspired designs on old paper and had a competition to build the longest bridge.

Each class had a mini competition to see who’s glider and catapult went the furthest, then we held a grand final in the hall to find the best designs in the school.  Edward (Form 5) built the glider that flew the furthest and Monty and Isaac (Form 6) built the catapult that fired a paper ball the furthest.

Photos from the day can be viewed in the Gallery.

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