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Geography Workshop

On Friday 10th March, our Key Stage 2 pupils attended an action-packed Geography workshop.

In the morning session, Forms 5 and 6 became ‘explorers’ and had to use their imaginations to think about the different habitats and climates in North and South America. They did lots of drama activities where they had to make body shapes according to what was being described, such as becoming a glacier in Alaska or becoming a hot, arid desert. The children were put into small groups at the end and, with a selection of props, each group had to deliver a short presentation on a different country – they all did this confidently and were very knowledgeable.

In the afternoon, Forms 3 and 4 looked at the geographical features and biomes across the world and learnt about the different climates, plant and animal species that live in different parts; this was particularly great for Form 3 as they had been looking at contrasting environments, in particular the desert and living in the Arctic circle back in class. For the final activity, the children were split into groups around the world and each had to sit in the right place, as if they were sitting on a giant map. One group was Greenwich and the presenter explained how the whole world sets their time zones according to this prime meridian. Each group was then given a country and told how many hours in front or behind they were from Greenwich and the groups then had to work out what time it was in their country, if it was midday in Greenwich, and act out what they would be doing at that time – which was great fun!

Photos from the day can be viewed in the Gallery.

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