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London Fire Brigade Museum

On Thursday 15th November Form 2 visited the London Fire Brigade Museum and The Monument. The children began their day with a story telling session all about the Great Fire of London. They were able to participate in the story with actions and acting out certain events from the fire. This was followed by a classroom session about what happened after the fire. The children learned about how London was rebuilt and what changes were made to the design of buildings. They completed worksheets that compared fire fighting equipment from the Great Fire with equipment we have today. The children were able to try on fire fighter uniforms through the ages. The children then had a chance to look at the artefacts in the museum.

After lunch they visited The Monument. The children climbed the 311 steps to the top, where they got a spectacular view of modern day London, including St Paul’s Cathedral that had to be rebuilt after the fire. They ended the day with a group photograph on Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire started all those years ago in 1666.

Form 2 all thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the London Fire Brigade Museum and The Monument, photos from which can be viewed in the Gallery.