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Mini Engineers Day

The whole school recently experienced workshops delivered by the Mini Engineers company.  Each group was made up of 2 or 3 year groups which were mixed up to allow children to work in teams with children they would not usually get the chance to work with.

Reception and Nursery children learnt about some of the common plants and animals that flourish in a British garden.  They discussed what living things need to grow and flourish.  The children then used teamwork and creativity to create their own gardens, complete with a train track around the outside and a working train.

Forms 1 – 3 discussed famous London landmarks and looked at the architecture of these buildings.  They also discussed and studied different types of transport in London.  Following this, the teams built their own versions of London complete with buildings and transport.

Forms 4 – 6 studied the International Space Station and discussed what it might be like to live in Space. The teams then put themselves in the shoes of the astronauts, imagining what it would be like to build a home among the stars and created their own space stations complete with rockets, rovers and satellites.

Photos from the day can be viewed in the Gallery.