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Nursery’s Chinese New Year

On Friday 27th January, our Nursery class had a Chinese New year themed celebration day. They started off with an assembly in the hall, where they saw the teachers re-enact the story of the Chinese New Year zodiac and the 12 animals in the race. It was very funny and the teachers were silly and made the children laugh lots!

Nursery then came back and used figurines and animal props, as well as story card pictures to re-enact the story ourselves. They also had a Chinese topic table, with newspapers, fortune cookies, noodles, some Chinese word cards and pictures chopsticks and other Chinese themed items.

At snack time they enjoyed fortune cookies and prawn crackers, as well as carrots and cucumbers, it was a nice treat! Mrs Sherwood read our fortunes and the children put them in their bags to take home. They also enjoyed a story about a dragon, read by Miss Adam.

After playtime Nursery continued their fun day with some Chinese colouring pages, and exploring using chopsticks with noodles! They had to see if they could pick up some noodles with the chopsticks and move them from one bowl to another. This was a lot trickier than it looks, but good fun!

At the end of the day Mrs Sherwood gave Nursery another fortune cookie to take home, and Gary handed out some lovely lucky money envelopes that his Mum had very kindly prepared for every child in the class. The class all said thank you, and looked forward to opening them at home!

Photos from their fun and busy morning can be viewed in the Gallery.