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Oliver! Review

On the 21st and 23rd of June 2019, the Year 6 children performed a fantastic play named Oliver! The play was about an orphan boy who dared to ask for more and unfortunately was sold by Mr Bumble to some funeral organisers called Mr and Mrs Sowerberry. He then runs away and meets the deceiving Artful Dodger who leads him to frightful Fagin’s den and Fagin is a person who looks after a gang of pick pockets. When Charlie and Dodger steal a rich man’s wallet, the rich man takes Oliver. His name is Mr Brownlow. Soon, kind Mr Brownlow finds out that Oliver is his grandson. Nancy; who is like a mother to the pick pockets; says to Mr Brownlow that she would give Oliver back because she had captured Oliver. However, petrifying Bill Sikes, a terrifying pick pocket wants Oliver back and he murders Nancy in his rage. A policeman shoots him as Mr Brownlow hurries away with Oliver.

I was Charlotte in the play and it was very nerve-wracking as all the time the parents’ eyes were fixated on me. If I had made a mistake, all the parents would know and I would have ruined the whole play.

I must not forget that Year 5 were also in the play so give lots of credit to them too. They acted brilliantly and we couldn’t have done the play without them. The Year 5s were orphans, pick pockets, people in consider yourself and the crowd when Nancy died.

We couldn’t have done such a fantastic play without all the staff that were involved in this. Mrs Blok, Mr Raffield, Miss Varndell, Mr Ling, Mrs Flanagan, Mrs Izzard, Mr MacGregor, Mrs Sherwood, Ms Rogers and any other staff backstage and especially Mrs Palmer. She has put in a considerable amount of effort into making this play outstanding.

A few mistakes occurred during the show but this was expected from a live performance. However, the students showed resilience and determination.

The parents thought that Year 6 did a marvellous job. The fact that they were only ten and eleven years old amazed the audience. Some said that it was like a west end show.

Overall, I think that Oliver! was a great success. I am sure that next year’s play is going to be brilliant too.

Review by Riya (Form 6)

Photos from Oliver! can be viewed in the Gallery.