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Reporters for the Day

On Friday 12th May Form 6 travelled to the Sky Television Studios in Osterley to make a film about social networking.  The visit began with a trip to an actual studio where Sky Sport is filmed. Here, the class learnt how television programs are made, and how much the cameras are worth – which is a LOT of money!

The children then went to the Sky Academy studios to start creating their report.  Previously back at school, the class had done a huge amount of work with Miss Varndell on preparing the script for their report. Using this script, the children then had the chance to use real cameras, green screens and touchscreen editing tables to make their film look professional. They also had great fun choosing props and costumes!

Finally, whilst the Sky team worked on their report and copied it onto memory sticks for each of the children to take home, the class went to see the Sky Sport newsroom where they saw one of the famous news readers in action.  Many thanks to Mrs Izzard, Miss Varndell and Rebecca for taking the class on such an interesting and fun trip.

Photos from their day can be viewed in the Gallery.

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