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U11 Netball Tournament Report

On the 8th November 2017 the Under 11 Netball team, which included the following players: Hannah H, Rebecca, Meera, Nayana, Nia, Hannah D, Iqra and myself, went to Seaton House School to play in a Netball tournament. We were really enthusiastic and excited to start playing.

We played the following schools: Ewell Castle, Seaton House, Aberdour, Oakfield and Banstead Prep. Unfortunately we lost all of our matches but we tried our very best. All the matches were really challenging, but in a way, that’s ok because we could learn from them and pick up some skills from the other schools.

Each of us played to the best of our ability and tried really, really hard to get the ball down the end of the court. Although we lost we were proud to represent St David’s, and each of us received a certificate of merit. We wouldn’t have had this experience if it wasn’t for our excellent coach Mrs P, and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for always supporting us, no matter what, and being there for us. Hopefully we will learn from this tournament and win our matches ahead of us.

By Alyssa

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