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Pond Dipping and Minibeasts

Form 2 had a very successful trip to Bay Pond on Friday 23rd March, with no snow or rain, in fact the sun was shining! In the morning the children went pond dipping and managed to catch many creatures which they tried to identify on a classification key. This was followed by a classroom session run by a member of the Surrey Wildlife Trust. The children were able to see the creatures through a microscope on the whiteboard and learn interesting facts about each of the creatures they had caught.

After lunch the children played a fun game helping them to learn about the growth of plants and food chains. In the afternoon the children went on a minibeast hunt and sorted the creatures into groups according to how many legs they had. The instructor talked about the different group names for the minibeast according to the number of legs.

The last activity of the day was a sensory trail whilst being blindfolded. This was to give the children an insight as to what it must be like for minibeasts under logs, stones or underground. The day was rounded up with a question and answer session and  each child saying one new fact they had learnt that day.

Photos from their day can be viewed in the Gallery.